Epiphone Les Paul Refinish

I got this Epiphone Les Paul for a good price on Ebay because it was a bit tatty and was missing a few bits. Having stripped it down I found the body was quite sound and decided to use it as base for recreating a Gibson Les Paul True Historic Reissue – a guitar which costs upwards of £7000!

The work required was fairly extensive – strip all the lacquer, sand the finish being careful not to remove the veneer, stain and refinish the body and neck.  

Removing the old lacquer turned out to be a bit of a nightmare – they cover these things in a massive thick layer of poly and it takes a great deal of effort to get it off.

I also wanted to change the headstock shape whilst retaining the Epiphone logo, rework the heel joint to give a more comfortable all access joint, and add a belly contour to the back of the body.

The body is finished in a vintage lemonburst, the pickups are the originals but have been rewired to enable coil splitting on the tone controls via push pull pots. Finally the bridge was changed to a Tonepros and the nut was changed to a bone nut. The frets were given a full level crown and polish and a couple of them had to be reseated and glued to fix a dead spot.

I am delighted with the result and it is now becoming my go to guitar. And all for under £300!