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Westone was the brand name of the renowned Matsumoko factory in Japan in the early 1980s. When it launched a reputation was quickly established as a very high quality alternative to Fender and Gibson at a fraction of the cost.

Westone Rainbow

This one is the 'Rainbow' - a semi solid body guitar similar to a Gibson 335 and it sounds and plays at least as well as a Gibson.

This one just needed a setup to get it playing as smooth as butter.


The guitar has plenty of pitting and mojo from years of use but it plays beautifully. If you get a chance to play, or better yet own a Westone I recommend highly that you do so - they are all excellent. Just make sure it is a Japanese one - after about 1987 the name was used by a British manufacturer and the instruments were nothing like the same quality.


I put this together using parts which were sourced from various online websites. The body was painted badly in sky blue so I stripped it off and found that the wood grain was pretty good so I used various stains and paint effects to get this 'vintage distressed' look. The neck turned out to be a real gem and just required a fret job to level a couple of high spots. The bridge is a Wilkinson with the heavy duty steel back which I highly recommend. It gives great tone and sustain and makes the whammy bar something that can be used without sending the whole guitar immediately out of tune!


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Gorgeous flame maple finish.
Being an Epiphone I guess this is a veneer and not a maple cap as a Gibson would be but it still looks amazing. This is a 2004 model made in Korea.

Work involved sanding down the neck to make it slimmer and take the gloss lacquer off, and making a custom compensated nut to help with intonation. Open string chords were sometimes sounding out of tune and this has fixed it.

Epiphone Les Paul

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A guitar made from a skateboard!
This may seem like a uniquely mad proposition but in fact plenty of people do this. The guitar plays very well and is quite light compared to a normal guitar so this makes a great instrument to play on stage both as a talking point and from a comfort point of view.

Skateboard guitar

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