I offer a comprehensive range of services to suit your requirements. Everything from a string change right up to a full refret.  If you are not sure what is causing a problem that you have with your guitar, get in touch and I will be happy to take a look with no obligation.

Take a look at my price list below. This is more of a guide than anything set in stone since every project is different so call me on 01580 754 737 or email me for an accurate price.

Big jobs

Setup level 1 from £45

This consists of truss rod adjustment, action adjustment, intonation check and adjustment, clean and oil fretboard, fret polish and guitar body clean and buff.  If your guitar has electronics they will be checked and cleaned.

Setup level 2 from £65

As for level 1 but with extra work on the frets – if you have a couple of high frets or sharp fret ends this may be what is required to fix them. Many guitars do not require a full fret dressing service if there are only minor issues so I offer this as an intermediate level.

Full fret dressing service from £90

A full fret dress involves straightening the neck using a notched straight edge, levelling all frets so as to remove flat spots and buzzing, followed by crowning and polishing of the frets to a silky smooth and very comfortable finish. The process is completed with a setup and restring.

Refretting from £180

If your guitar is getting old or is very well used the frets may be so worn that they cannot be dressed any more.  Or sometimes there is a problem with a neck having warped which can only be treated by re-working the fretboard profile. In cases like these a refret is the answer.  The old frets are carefully removed, the fretboard is checked for faults and repaired if necessary, and then new frets to your specifications are installed.  The process is completed with a full fret dress and setup.

Smaller jobs

These are just some examples of work which a guitar may need. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Nut replacement  from £40

I highly recommend installing a bone nut if your guitar does not have one. It makes a big difference to the tone and sustain of your guitar and is a very cost effective way of improving an instrument.

Electric guitar pickup replacement  from £45

I use and recommend Amdusias Devices pickups which are hand wound in Belfast and sound awesome.  I can install these or any other pickups of your choice in your guitar for an instant tone improvement.

Electrical repairs from £20

The problems which can arise due to faulty electrical components are too numerous to list but here are a few jobs: faulty wiring repair, output jack replacement, pot replacement, switch replacement, shielding to reduce hum all the way up to a complete rewire, including adding features such as coil tap, phase reversal and unusual pickup arrangements.

Tuner replacement £25

This may sound like a minor thing but replacing cheap tuners with good quality items can make a world of difference to tuning stability. It doesn’t need to cost a fortune either – there are some very good products available for just £25.  Give me a call to find out about this.

These are just some examples of work which may be required or desired to improve the sound and/or playability of your guitar.  Please get in touch to discuss your exact requirements.

Please note prices do not include strings or replacement parts where they are required.