4th September 2017

Tele style guitar

The Telecaster style guitar shown here follows similar styling cues to the original with the following custom features:  arm and belly contours for added comfort, double binding around the top edge, flame maple top with honeyburst finish, hidden mounting holes for the neck pickup, angled headstock to avoid the need for string trees, traditional looking bridge but with compensated saddles to allow for correct intonation, minimal scratch plate to show off the finish, 5 way electrical switching to give a wide range of tones.

This guitar has a neck made from reclaimed oak taken from a pallet of all things.  Timber from a source like that would normally be unsuitable for an instrument due to the likelihood of it warping but in this case I laminated several lengths of wood together to create a very strong neck blank which is highly resistant to warping and bending – in other words, perfect for a guitar neck!  I love the fact that there are a couple of places where the nails were hammered into the pallet.  

I am currently building solid body electric guitars with either bolt on or set necks.  Please get in touch if you would like to discuss making your dream guitar a reality.